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FAQs related to tooth extraction: Explained by a dentist

What are the major reasons for tooth extraction? – Tooth disease When it comes to tooth decay, a dentist will usually try to save the tooth before pulling it. This means that a procedure called a root canal may be attempted before an extraction. – Crowding Different people have different-sized teeth. Some people’s teeth are too big to fit comfortably…

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All that you need to know about wisdom teeth

What are wisdom teeth? Impacted wisdom teeth are a common dental issue that can occur when the third molars, or teeth at the back of the mouth, don’t have enough room to develop properly. This can often be due to overcrowding in the mouth or simply genetics. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause a number of problems, from pain and discomfort…

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Tips to Prevent Gum Disease: By Dentist

Importance of healthy gums Gums are important for your health because they help protect your teeth from cavities and periodontal disease.  Gums are also the first line of defence for your teeth. Plaque is constantly forming on your teeth, but the presence of gums helps to prevent it from becoming a larger problem. Healthy gums are crucial for your oral…

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Frequently asked questions about fluoride treatment

What is fluoride treatment? Fluoride treatment is the process of applying fluoride to the teeth in order to protect them from cavities. It can be done either professionally at the dentist’s office, or at home with a fluoride toothpaste or mouth rinse.  Fluoride treatment is most effective when it is performed regularly, and it is especially important for people who…

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Tips to prepare for tooth extraction

What is tooth extraction? Tooth extraction is a procedure where a dentist removes a tooth from your mouth. It is usually done when the tooth has become infected or damaged beyond repair. Before the extraction, your dentist will numb the area around the tooth. This is done with a local anesthetic to relieve pain and anxiety. When do you need…

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4 Most Popular Ways to Replace Missing Teeth

Missing teeth should be replaced as soon as possible; otherwise, there are a series of dental complications that could arise, namely misaligned teeth, bone tissue loss, and a smile you’re no longer proud to show. Fortunately for those who have lost some of their real teeth, there are a handful of options when it comes to replacing them with artificial…

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