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Sedation Dentistry in Sherman Oaks Helps Relieve Anxiety

Our team of dental professionals is experienced in providing sedation dentistry services. Our sedation dentistry services allow us to perform the necessary dental work efficiently while minimizing any discomfort or anxiety you may have. Experience our exceptional sedation dentistry services in Sherman Oaks and let us provide you with the comfortable dental care you deserve. 

For many people, visiting the dentist is more than an annual task. It’s a burden that they avoid at all costs. Prior bad experiences or fear of pain will often deter patients from acquiring necessary dental care, which can lead to health risks down the road.

Green Dental helps you address your dental anxiety!

Types of Sedation

There are several sedation methods to choose from: oral sedation, nitrous oxide (laughing gas), IV sedation, or a combination of options that maintain a positive dental visit.

Regardless of whether you choose pill form or intravenous medication, you are still conscious during your appointment but relaxed to a point where you don’t feel anything.

To ensure a quality visit, Green Dental has a trained sedation team on staff. Your blood pressure, pulse, and body language are monitored throughout your procedure.

Why choose sedation?

Are you one of the many individuals who experience dental anxiety or fear? If so, sedation dentistry can be a game-changer for you. Let’s explore the numerous benefits of sedation dentistry and how it can transform your dental experience.

  • Anxiety Relief: Sedation dentistry provides a calm and relaxed state of mind, effectively reducing anxiety and fear associated with dental visits. It allows you to receive the dental care you need without unnecessary stress or worry.
  • Increased Comfort: Sedation techniques, such as nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or oral conscious sedation, help minimize discomfort during dental procedures. You can say goodbye to pain and discomfort, making your dental treatment more tolerable.
  • Time Efficiency: Sedation dentistry enables your dentist to perform multiple procedures in a single visit. This saves you time and minimizes the need for multiple appointments, especially for complex or lengthy treatments.
  • Improved Cooperation: Sedation helps patients, especially children or those with special needs, cooperate more effectively during dental procedures. It allows the dentist to carry out the necessary treatment efficiently and successfully.
  • Enhanced Treatment Quality: By promoting relaxation, sedation dentistry enables dentists to work with precision and accuracy. This results in better treatment outcomes and ensures that all necessary dental work is completed thoroughly.
  • Memory Blockage: Sedation can induce partial or complete memory blockage during the dental procedure. This can be beneficial for patients who have had traumatic dental experiences or those who prefer not to recall the details of their treatment.
  • Oral Health Maintenance: With sedation dentistry, individuals who have neglected their oral health due to fear can finally receive the care they need. Regular dental check-ups, cleanings, and treatments become more accessible and less intimidating.

Remember, sedation dentistry is a safe and carefully monitored process. At Green Dental, we will evaluate your medical history and customize the sedation method to suit your specific needs. Certified professionals will closely monitor you throughout the procedure, ensuring your safety and well-being.


Most frequent questions and answers

If you’re wondering about being unconscious with dental sedation, let us clarify. With most dental sedation methods, you remain conscious and responsive throughout the procedure. However, you will be deeply relaxed and will experience a reduced sense of anxiety/discomfort.

Sedation dentistry is designed to minimize discomfort and pain during and after your dental procedure. While some mild soreness or tenderness may be expected, especially if you had extensive treatment, any discomfort can typically be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers. Your dentist will provide post-treatment instructions and recommend appropriate pain management options.
Sedation dentistry is a fantastic option for every individual who experiences dental anxiety or fear, has a low pain threshold, has sensitive gag reflexes, or requires extensive dental work.

Sedation dentistry is considered a safe and effective way to help anxious patients receive the necessary dental treatments they need. This type of dentistry involves administering a sedative drug to help the patient relax and remain calm throughout the procedure.

The effects of oral conscious sedation may last longer. You may also feel drowsy for a few hours after the treatment. Your dentist will carefully determine the appropriate sedation duration based on your procedure and individual circumstances. Rest assured, our priority is your safety and comfort throughout the entire process.
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