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Jawbone Health: Preserving Dental Impact below the Gum Line
Periodontal Disease Diagnosis

A beautiful aesthetic smile is an important factor to many dental patients.  For those who have experienced a broken or missing tooth, the embarrassment will help influence a fast trip to the dentist. Smiles are very important to the American culture. 

A uniform, healthy smile is visually important for both professional and personal sides of life. Cosmetic and restorative treatments will improve a person’s smile. When a tooth must be replaced, it is important to remember that the jawbone plays an integral part in complete oral health. Ignoring the impact below the gum line will create future additional aesthetic problems. The best dental solutions start at the root. If there are one or more missing teeth, jawbone health cannot be ignored.

Many restorative treatments keep as much of the original tooth intact whenever possible. Extractions are considered last resort procedures. Sever decay, gum disease or mouth trauma may prevent salvaging any part of the tooth. An extraction will leave a gap between teeth as well as within the jawbone.

The jaw acts as an anchor to support the strength of your teeth. Chewing and biting stimulate and strengthen the jawbone.  When a tooth is missing, the effected jawbone area is weakened and begins to break down and dissolve.  The body reacts as if the jawbone is no longer essential to a healthy body. As the jawbone deteriorates, premature facial aging creates additional health concerns.

Periodontal disease will affect jawbone health

Gum disease can negatively impact jaw bone health with the tooth still present in the mouth. Once gingivitis evolves into

Jawbone Health: Preserving Dental Impact below the Gum Line

Periodontal disease affects jawbone health.

periodontitis, the bacterial infection is present well below the gum line. It attacks soft tissue and bone. Progressive symptoms of this disease result in eventual tooth loss if left untreated.

Preventative dental treatment for teeth and gums will preserve jawbone health. Routine dental visits help to minimize severe tooth decay and catch gingivitis in the early stages.  Your dentist will treat gingivitis, repair tooth decay as well as many other dental conditions to keep as much of the original tooth intact as long as possible.

Consequences from ignoring jawbone health:

• Remaining teeth may drift, loosen, become misaligned and the potential of additional tooth loss may occur
• Facial structure may sink or collapse
• Lip line thins out with less support
• Premature wrinkles form around the mouth
• Increased discomfort/pain in the jaw, face and head
• Speech troubles
• Digestion troubles (from improper chewing problems which is sometimes painful) that often result in nutrition problems
• Sinus expansion

If you feel or see trouble areas within your mouth, don’t hesitate to call Green Dental & Orthodontics. We are here to provide oral health information to all guests as well as perform the best dental treatment plan that will put an end to dental problems. There are many ways to save teeth and gums which will help to maintain good jawbone health. We do fillings, crowns, bridges dentures, dental implants as well as other cosmetic services focuses on a beautiful smile. A perfect smile starts with aesthetics and ends with healthy teeth, gums and jawbone. Contact us today!

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