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Top 6 Tips to Curb Root Canal Phobia

When the pain in your tooth does not go away, the fear of root canal therapy often sets in. If it isn’t a deep-rooted phobia that keeps you away from the dentist, the stigma associated with root canals will make the average patient nervous. This dental treatment plan has a much scarier reputation than it deserves.  It is important to push your phobia aside and get a root canal before it’s too late.

For patients who struggle with dental phobia, any type of treatment is scary. It is important to change the way you think about dental procedures. A treatment plan is diagnosed to treat discomfort and pain. Dentists want to help. An experienced dentist will always use the least intrusive procedure possible to create the most long-term benefits.

Root Canal Therapy creates long-term results.

Understand the Purpose of Root Canal Therapy

Depending on the damage, complete dental treatment may require access into the pulp area of the tooth (root canal treatment). This soft inner area of the tooth is the nerve center.  A tooth with chronic pain is often directly linked to this area. Root canal therapy treats the tooth at the root to prevent potential extractions. It is always important for the dentist to save as much of the original tooth as possible.

Put an end to root canal phobia

1. Sedation therapy is a great way to handle anxiety associated with dental treatment. Talk to your dentist about the possibility of receiving oral sedation before your scheduled root canal.

2. There is more pain involved in NOT treating your tooth. Once you are in the dentist chair, you will feel the prick of the anesthetic needle entering your gum. Most patients don’t feel anything else afterwards.

3. Root canal treatment ends the pain! Remember those sleepless nights, sharp pains while you eat, and hot and cold sensitivities? Root canal therapy will put an end to the pain.

4. Use over the counter pain medicine when the procedure is over. It will help diminish any discomfort associated with the few hours after treatment. A good night’s sleep is on the way!

5. Root canal therapy saves your tooth. You will not have to have your tooth extracted once root canal therapy is complete and the tooth is topped with a crown.  Extraction is a more invasive treatment and it creates additional dental concerns. A missing tooth requires a dental implant, dentures or bridge to maintain oral health. Root canal therapy doesn’t.

6. Learn about the procedure and know what to expect. Informed decisions are less frightening when you know what is going to happen and why. It will give you peace of mind to understand what the dentist is doing throughout the procedure. It will also create a time frame in your head so you know when the end is near. We invite you to explore our website to find out more information on root canal therapy.

You may not be able to curb of all the fear and anxiety, but if you are able to get yourself into the dentist’s chair for treatment, you have done well.  Green Dental & Orthodontics wants you to know that each patient is treated with individualized care and that the dentists are here to listen to any concerns before and after treatment. It is our goal to catch problems before major treatment is required, so call today and schedule a routine cleaning.  Let’s work together to put an end to root canal phobias!

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