A Periodontist and Your Dental Implants

Dental Implants
Dental implants have a strong record of success in treating tooth loss and are renowned for producing healthy smiles that look and feel natural. But, can this success be attributed merely to the device, or does the professional who performs the procedure make the difference?
Dental care providers know that periodontists are equipped with the experience and knowledge required to perform the implant placement. The American Academy of Periodontology (www.perio.org) identifies a periodontist as a specialist in the areas of “prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal disease and in the placement of dental implants.” Since periodontists have a understanding of inflammation, and how disease impacts the gums, they can offer effective solutions to these problems. 

Specialized Knowledge

Because implants are placed within the jawbone and invigorate the surrounding soft tissue, a periodontist is best equipped to provide full patient care throughout the entire implant surgery process, from establishing a treatment plan to follow-up appointments.
Dental implants comprise of a titanium post, abutment and restoration that offer a healthy solution to damaged or missing teeth. Because the post is a biocompatible prosthetic root, implants provide a long-term solution for stabilizing crowns or dentures. With help from a periodontist, the surrounding gum can properly heals around the implants.
On occasion, the implant procedure requires further specialized knowledge of the sinus and ridge areas. Additional therapies, including sinus augmentation and ridge modification are sometimes needed to guarantee the right quality of bone is available for the implants. Periodontists  are able to manage these procedures without the need to refer their patients to another specialist.

Bringing More to the Table

A periodontist provides many services in addition to gum care. Their comprehensive understanding of soft tissue is best suited for the dental implant healing process. Implant placement and follow-up appointments with a periodontist help to control conditions that may lead to complications in healing.
When the healing process is completed successfully, patients are able to eat, drink and speak normally and naturally. Accuracy and reliability in implant care helps relieve patients of the worries attributed to old-fashioned false teeth, including losing your prosthetic while speaking and the discomfort of ill-fitting dentures.
Green Dental & Orthodontics of Sherman Oaks, CA, includes a periodontist on the team who performs dental implant procedures and gives patients the option to have same-day restorations, making these procedures more convenient to schedule.  If you are looking for a board certified professional to help you through this life-changing procedure, contact Green Dental’s helpful staff by calling 818-964-0047.