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5 Reasons to Choose Invisalign®

Since it was first introduced in 1999, Invisalign® has become one of the most popular alternatives to traditional metal braces. Consisting of sets of clear plastic trays, Invisalign® gradually adjusts the position of teeth by applying pressure to specific areas. The clear aligners are customized to precisely and incrementally reposition the teeth.

Here are 5 reasons Invisalign® may be the right choice for your smile:

As the name implies, Invisalign® retainers are barely noticeable because they are made of a clear plastic material that is made to fit closely to the teeth which prevents movement when speaking. The clear aligners give patients the opportunity to confidently interact in professional and social situations unhindered by their orthodontic treatment.


Unlike metal orthodontics, Invisalign® provides a teeth-straightening experience free of metal wires and bulky brackets that can chafe and puncture the soft tissue of the mouth. The plastic trays are soft and shaped to match the contours of the teeth, and patients find it easy to adapt to wearing them.

Easy Maintenance

Keeping your teeth clean and free of debris is vital in order to prevent cavities and gum disease. Invisalign® trays are fully removable, so not only can patients still brush and floss, but they can keep the aligners clean of bacteria, too. Invisalign® trays can be scrubbed and washed in lukewarm water, and cleaning solutions are also available online and through many dental care providers.

Faster Results

Invisalign®corrects many alignment issues in less time than traditional braces. Naturally, each case is different and results vary depending on the desired results. However, traditional braces are often worn for years, whereas most Invisalign® treatments are completed within 12 months.

Corrects Various Dental Problems

Invisalign® can effectively deal with numerous common dental problems, to include:

  • Overcrowded teeth

  • Large gaps between teeth

  • Crossbite

  • Overbite

  • Underbite

The process is gradual and trays are usually changed out for new trays every couple of weeks.

Invisalign® is a flexible, patient-friendly alternative to traditional braces for a number of other reasons – the procedure is painless and doesn’t require multiple, lengthy visits. People who choose the clear trays don’t have to compromise their eating habits as the trays can be removed for meals. Invisalign® is covered by many dental plans, making it a healthy and affordable option!

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5 Reasons to Choose Invisalign®
5 Reasons to Choose Invisalign®
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