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7 Tips to keep your teeth clean

A trip to the dentist for teeth cleaning is always so nice, but how do we maintain that fresh feeling when we’re not in the dentist’s chair? 

In between trips to the dentists, it is easier to maintain a healthy mouth than to rely on him or her to correct poor dental hygiene. Here are some tips you can use to keep your teeth clean when you’re not going to the dentist.

#1 Say ‘No’ to soda

Cutting back on soda is another way to stay healthy.

If you drink soda regularly, your teeth may be in trouble. The ingredients that make soda fizzy — phosphoric acid and citric acid — can potentially wear away at your enamel, making you more susceptible to cavities.

#2 Cut down on sugar

In addition to cutting back on soda, decreasing your sugar intake will also help keep your teeth clean and healthy in between regular teeth cleaning appointments.

Cutting back on sugar will also help keep your teeth clean and healthy. This seems to be contradictory, but sugar promotes bacteria growth and acidity in your mouth, leading to tooth decay. Limiting the amount you consume — and brushing and flossing after a sweet treat — will benefit your overall oral health.

#3 Floss

Flossing is the most important weapon in your dental arsenal. It could make your teeth and gums healthier But, as with any other routine you might have, flossing can prove less effective if you’re not doing it properly. Improper flossing can end up causing more damage.

To learn how to brush and floss properly, you may want to talk to your dentist or dental hygienist.

#4 Avoid smoking

Smoking is terrible for your teeth. It doesn’t matter how clean they get after you visit the dentist. It just makes smoking even worse between appointments. Smoking not only eats away at your gums and increases your risk for tooth loss, but also increases the number of bacteria in your mouth, making you more susceptible to gum disease or tooth decay.

Smoking causes gums to recede and teeth to decay faster. Smokers are also more likely to loose teeth, develop gum disease, and get oral cancer.

#5 Don’t overdo

You know how it can be tempting to aggressively brush your teeth to make sure you get them clean. But don’t do this, because aggressively brushing your teeth can leave them more sensitive and more porous, creating a bad foundation for your oral health. It can also lead to gum recession, which is irreversible.

#6 Chew gum

Sometimes, you can’t brush your teeth right after every meal. But it’s still really important to keep a pack of sugar-free gum on you. Chewing sugar-free gum will increase saliva production and help reduce bad breath and food residue between teeth. It also has great antibacterial properties that will help prevent plaque build-up and tooth decay.

#7 Brush properly

In order to not neglect your teeth, it’s important to brush properly. You should be brushing your teeth at a 45-degree angle, using short, circular motions with the brush pointed towards your gum line and brushing for 10–15 seconds per tooth. With these techniques, you can get your teeth clean and healthy. Next time you visit the dentist or hygienist, ask about proper brushing and flossing!

Do you still need a dentist?

Just because you know how to better care for your teeth doesn’t mean you don’t have to visit the dentist. You should maintain your oral hygiene by scheduling regular cleanings from a dental hygienist. After all, the more aware your dentist is of any issues, the less painful it will be to fix them.

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