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Patient Testimonial from Weston Cage
Weston Cage

If there was a way to give infinite stars I would. The professionalism of Green Dental & Orthodontics is unparalleled and the dentistry itself is beyond the highest level. I have worked with innumerable dentists and I have never been so satisfied. Coming from high impact Combat sport and being an actor at the same time had its sore spots for me as I was fixating on not smiling to the fullest because I was nervous to reveal the wear and tear I had on my teeth. Now I have veneers that feel stronger and look more real than my teeth did before as my original teeth didn’t match my face. Joseph Azizi is not your usual dentist, he is has mastered the art form of dentistry and insures that your teeth are perfect as he actually cares to the maximum. I can’t suggest this place enough. Everyone there is on your side. The work on my teeth is so good that my facial structure looks more attractive and taller. If you want the miracle work done then come here even if you live in Siberia.

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