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Missing Teeth – What Are My Options?
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Are you trying to figure out what to do to replace your missing teeth? If you have been living with missing teeth, some options may no longer be available. If you are a person facing an extraction, you will have an assortment of options to look at. Discussing options to missing teeth is definitely a conversation to have with your dentist.

So what are the options? Your dentist will discuss the pros and cons to each treatment. The condition of a patient’s mouth is definitely a contributing factor to what solution will work best. During your consultation, the doctor will explore what would work best for your mouth and why.

4 Options for Missing Teeth

Leave the gap

Your dentist will not suggest this option to any patient, ever. There are too many potential problems at risk for ignoring the empty space(s) in your mouth.

• Jaw bone will begin to deteriorate creating problems for future dental work
• The gum line in the surrounding area will begin to sink, creating problems for adjacent teeth
• Your facial structure will begin to slowly droop over the jawbone creating premature aging
• Adjacent teeth will begin to shift and drift into the open space
• Opposing teeth have no counter force with a gap present. Remaining teeth get overloaded during chewing. They will end up moving forward and pushing front teeth outward.

Get Fit for Dentures

Dentures are a good option if you have several teeth missing. It is an affordable option for those of you without dental insurance. Fit is a very important factor to denture wearers. If the dentures slip or fall out during eating or talking, it will create discomfort as well as embarrassment. See you dentist right away if there is a problem with fit to eliminate any negative effects on your gums.  A dentist with experience is your best bet for well-fitting restorations.

You will have to keep a good cleaning regimen to keep dentures looking good. It is always best to clean them over a sink that is partially filled with water. If the dentures slip and fall there is less chance of them braking on impact.

A Fixed Bridge

Fixed bridges help to fill the gap created by missing teeth. The bridge is fixed into place by placing crowns atop the two adjacent teeth. The dentist will file down the healthy teeth to make room for the crown. The bridge consists of the two end crowns and the artificial tooth (teeth) attached to the bridge in the center.
Fixed bridges are a reliable, sturdy solution to missing teeth problems. A downside to the procedure is that two of your healthy teeth are impacted during the process.

Dental Implants are favored by Dentists

If you have found a dentist with experience in dental implants, you have hit the jackpot! Implants are a favored approach to maintaining a healthy mouth.

• Implants will support the health of the jaw bone
• Adjacent teeth are not affected at all
• Long-lasting and easily restored if set in place by an experienced dentist
• Permanent and easy to care for

The dental implant procedure is more complex than the others, but it offers the most complete natural looking smile with long-lasting results. It may take several months before the area has healed and the artificial tooth gets placed. Dental implants have positive effects on oral health. You should seriously weigh the benefits of dental implants over other options. The price you pay is worth every penny over the long-run.

It is understandable that money plays a big role in deciding which dental option is chosen to replace missing teeth. Green Dental & Orthodontics of Sherman Oaks will provide enough information for you to make the best informed decision about which treatment plan fits your situation. Schedule an appointment for the initial consultation to learn more about dental options to best complete your smile.

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