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Dental Anxiety and Fear

Managing Dental Anxiety and Fear

While many people do not enjoy visiting the dentist, most of these people fear their treatment will be painful. They imagine a drill-wielding man in a white coat just waiting to cause pain and remove teeth — however, the reality is very different. 

Although many people have anxiety about going to the dentist, the fact is that most treatments are actually painless.

At the top of any dental office’s priority list is the comfort and happiness of the patient. Most dentists these days aim at providing their patients with comfort & relaxed experience while they undergo treatment.

Treatments done at a patient-friendly clinic will make the entire experience much better, and reduce stress on both the dentist and his or her staff.

On top of the technological changes mentioned above, dentists are also now able to replace drills with painless lasers.

At Green Dental, we understand that dental anxiety and fear are real concerns for many patients. We recognize that visiting the dentist can evoke feelings of unease, stress, and fear in individuals of all ages. Therefore, we are committed to overcoming your dental anxiety and restoring your smile with compassion and understanding.

Common Dental Fears:
  • Fear of embarrassment about the condition of teeth.
  • Fear of gagging.
  • Fear of injections.
  • Fear of loss of control.
  • Fear of not becoming numb when injected with Novocain.
  • Fear of pain.
  • Fear of the dentist as a person.
  • Fear of the hand piece (or the drill).
How do we help our patients overcome their dental anxiety?

We offer a range of strategies to help manage dental anxiety, such as:

Open Communication: At Green Dental, we beliving in encouraging open dialogue, allowing you to express your fears and concerns. We also listen carefully and answer any questions you may have, ensuring that you feel heard & completely understood the process.

Relaxation Techniques: We provide relaxation techniques to help you feel more comfortable during your dental visit. Deep breathing exercises, guided imagery, or listening to calming music can significantly reduce anxiety levels.

Sedation Dentistry: For patients with severe dental anxiety or undergoing complex procedures, we offer sedation dentistry options. These techniques ensure that you remain relaxed and pain-free throughout your treatment, allowing us to provide the necessary care while minimizing discomfort.

Distraction Techniques: We understand the power of distraction in alleviating dental anxiety. Our practice is equipped with amenities such as TVs, headphones, or virtual reality goggles, which can divert your attention and create a more positive experience.

Gradual Desensitization: For patients with profound dental fear, we offer a gradual desensitization approach. This involves taking small steps to familiarize you with the dental environment, starting with non-invasive procedures, and progressively advancing at a pace comfortable for you.

Our Commitment:

We are dedicated to ensuring that your dental experience is as stress-free and comfortable as possible at Green Dental Sherman Oaks. Our compassionate team is committed to building trust, fostering a supportive atmosphere, and helping you overcome dental anxiety for good. By addressing your fears, we aim to restore your oral health, enhance your smile, and empower you to prioritize your dental care without fear or hesitation.

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