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What Makes Implants so Unique to Long Term Oral Health?

Dental implants are a good example of the advanced technology created to improve and maintain optimal oral health with patients who are missing teeth or may need extractions.  Known for their strength and durability, dental implants offer multiple benefits to people searching for a reliable solution to missing teeth.

Dental Implant and your Oral Health  
Tooth loss impacts many daily activities and can seriously impede upon a person’s quality of life. In addition to the cosmetic benefits of replacing lost teeth, other benefits include:

Preventing Bone Loss– When you have one or more missing tooth, bone in your jaw isn’t being stimulated. The jaw bone will weaken over time and can lead to bone loss. Through normal chewing action, the dental implant simulates a tooth’s roots as it stimulates bone growth and strength.

Maintains Proper Bite – Dental implants prevent surrounding teeth from shifting towards the gap created by a lost tooth. When gaps are left open, adjacent teeth will slowly shift towards the open space changing a person’s bite and weakening the integrity of the face. Missing teeth will eventually change a person’s diet due to biting and chewing malfunction. In additions to function loss, cosmetic changes to the mouth area may include a collapsed look and premature facial aging such as wrinkles or a sunken look.

Long-term Stability – Traditional dentures and bridges may need to be replaced after only five to seven years (, perhaps longer. The titanium material used to make dental implants is known for its strength and durability. Placement plays an important role in long-term health so select a dentist who has experience. Maintain gum tissue health with proper at-home care and regular professional cleanings to increase the longevity of dental implants.

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