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16 Tips to Take Care of Your Teeth This Year

Our teeth are part of our skull, and it is also the only time we clean our skull. We need to
make sure we clean our teeth twice a day to prevent unwanted dental problems.

Not brushing our teeth can cause bad breath and can make our teeth look yellow.

Horrid, right? And then, our teeth will start to decay. But we do not want that. We need to make sure we clean our teeth properly.

regular brushing & flossing

So, in this blog, you are going to learn 16 things you can do this year to take care of your
! These tips are highly advised.

1. The first simplest way is to brush your teeth.

Brushing your teeth is one of the most facile ways. Make sure you get a nice toothbrush and then start brushing. Most people brush for a minute or so (or even a few seconds), but it is important to brush our teeth for 2-3 minutes. Putting a timer can help.

Brushing your teeth twice a day is essential. If you don’t, then your teeth might be a bit
yellow. If you don’t want to brush your teeth twice a day, then I really can’t say anything except; have a great visit to the dentist! But also, please remember that brushing more than five minutes and more than three times a day can cause damage to your gums, so you must brush tenderly.

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2. Flossing is as important as brushing your teeth.

Flossing is major. It is shown that many people who brush regularly neglect flossing. Remember that flossing is not just for getting those little food pieces out of your teeth. It also helps reduce plaque. It’s a way of just stimulating the gums and helping lower inflammation in the area.

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3. Drink more water!

Water is earnestly the BEST beverage for your overall health, even your teeth! Drinking water after every meal you take helps some of the negative effects of sticky and acidic foods.

4. Put a break to sugary and acidic food

Red means stop, green means go, and yellow means break. Give a yellow stop break to all the sweet and sugary foods, such as chocolate, cakes, candies, and even acidic fruits, teas, and coffees. They were one of the major reasons for what leads to cavities. You don’t have to put a red light on them- just put a yellow one and have them as less as possible. They will help take care of your teeth. 

5. A green light for all the vegetables and crunchy fruits!

As I said earlier, green means go. Put a green light on all the fresh vegetables and crunchy fruits out there- they contain healthy fiber and it’s the best choice for your teeth.

6. Have regular dental check-ups

Visit a dentist near you regularly, it’ll help you update more about your teeth. Sure, visiting the dentist may be ‘terrifying’ in a way to some but they help. I advise thrice two weeks.

7. A well-balanced diet and quit smoking!

Eating a well-balanced diet helps your teeth. As I said in tips number four and five, you can balance each food quantity and make sure you get more quantity on what’s healthier and better for your teeth. And for gracious sake, quit smoking too! They’re nothing but a monster to your lungs and teeth. They will cause damage to your gums and will make your lungs unhealthy. 

But to you, they’re like candy. Smoking also causes air pollution. Did you also know smoking can cause cancer? They can cause cancer to your mouth, throat, stomach, colon, liver, urinary bladder, and the list is endless. So, if you want to take good care of your teeth, then please, quit smoking thing.

8. Avoid dry mouth

Okay, so dry mouth (also called xerostomia), should be avoidable because it makes you more… prone to gum disease, tagging along with tooth decay. How to avoid dry mouth? Stay properly hydrated. And do monitor your medications. Whenever you’re prescribed a new sort of medication, discuss it with your doctor first. This will help you take care of your teeth in some sort of way. 

9. Visit the Dentist’s office

What if I tell you straight-headed that you are invited to the dentist? Not for a customary checkup, but to get your teeth professionally cleaned. You heard me right. Even if you have no problems, make sure to pay a trip to the dentist twice a year (excluding regular checkups) to get your gums and teeth professionally cleaned. Yes, I know, it can be terrifying (admit it, sometimes, the thought of visiting the dentist may be a little bit stressful) but it is important.

Better to visit the dentist twice a year rather than having seriously bad teeth.

10. Brush with fluoride toothpaste

Brushing with fluoride toothpaste can help. The ADA recommends a toothpaste that has the ADA Seal of Acceptance, which will contain fluoride as part of that approval. They can also help avoid cavities! Say ‘farewell’ to all your cavities while buying fluoride toothpaste.

11. Pay love to your tongue

The most neglected part of the five senses is the tongue (in my opinion). Pay attention to it before serious bacteria can visit your tongue. So, how to pay love? You don’t have to stick out your tongue everywhere you go, saying “I love my tongue!”, that’s a bit… dull-witted.
Instead, you can brush your tongue like how you brush your teeth! It’s also a piece of great advice for stinky breath. If brushing your tongue makes you gag, get a tongue scraper!

They’re cheap too, so no need to pay extra for some scraper. It may help your teeth in a sort
of way.

12. Milky!

Drink milk. Why? It can help. They’re high in calcium and phosphorous. In countries, like the U.S. and Canada, they are fortified with vitamin D. Don’t like milk? Tastes too… milky? No problem, why not consider cheese (come on, who can say no to cheese?) or yogurt? They help neutralize acids in the mouth. This will help your teeth. They crave milk.

13. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is crucial to oral health, and in fact, it also maintains and generates gum tissue and fights off infections. If you eat a colorful bowl of different fruits and vegetables in your diet, you should get quite a fair amount of Vitamin C. You can try Brussels Sprouts, Peppers,

Kiwi, and Guava for a robust start.

14. Alcoholic Teeth

I must say, alcohol is terrible for your teeth. They are. So quit them! Why? They
include sugar, starches, acids, and carbonations. Gum disease, tooth decay, and oral sores target those drinkers who like to drink alcohol. Did you know that the CDC recognizes
alcohol as one of the highest risk factors associated with oral cancer?

15. Apple Cider Vinegar

Consider rinsing with Apple Cider Vinegar if you’re aiming for flawless white teeth. They
can help. But of course, seek advice from a dentist first.

16. Stop With Those D.I.Y Hacks

The D.I.Y hacks aren’t cool. They will not help you with your teeth, trust me. There are many different D.I.Y hacks of tips and tricks on how to straighten your teeth and make them white. Some may work, but some really just do nothing but cause lots of damage to your teeth. And the worst fact is, kids are considered ‘cool’ when they do this D.I.Y stuff. So, stop with these hacks, alright? They are not ‘cool’ for you.

These are all the tips you need to try out this year to take proper care of your teeth. Hope this works out well for you. 

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