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Cone Beam CT Scan Will Improve Dental Implant Placement
Cone Beam CT Scan

Dental implants have become a popular and valuable solution to missing teeth. The benefits of this advanced dental treatment outweigh the initial investment, making dental implants a more economically-savvy restoration for maintaining good long-term oral health over the lifespan of the patient.

Because of their growing popularity, more and more dentists are performing dental implant procedures in their general dental offices.  Like any other service or medical procedure, patients have choices for care.  Seek an experienced dentist or periodontist with a Cone Beam CT Scan in-office to receive the most predictable results.

Dental implants are surgically placed into the jaw bone, so it is important to understand the anatomical structure of each patient’s mouth before the procedure begins. In order to carry out the most predictable implant placement, the surgical team needs to understand several aspects of the jaw bone, such as: bone density, quality or health of the bone, and the size and shape of the bone.

Exact placement location of the dental implant is crucial to its longevity. Besides placing it into the bone, a CT scan can determine the best location for your implant. In doing so, the scan examines the third molars, nerves, impacted teeth, facial symmetry and if applicable, previous fractures and other implants to identify the most strategic placement of your implant. As the CT provides highly-detailed imaging, your dentist will be able to determine if bone grafts or sinus lifts are needed in order to prep the area.

Other benefits to precise dental implant placement include:

– Improved natural look

 – Corrected speech problems due to missing teeth

 – A more comfortable fit than dentures

 – No diet limitations and improved chewing

 – Durable implant that stands the test of time

Before receiving dental implants at Green Dental& Orthodontics, patients undergo a Cone Beam CT Scan. This scan is incredibly helpful in identifying whether the patients is a good candidate for dental implants, in addition to providing the dental team with a highly-detailed image of your oral structures. With this information, we can create a successful dental implant placement and restoration plan. With high tech equipment and an experienced team placing the implant, the patients of our Beverly Hills dental office experience quality care and improved long-term oral health.

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