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Colorful Braces

Colorful Braces

The Color Me Braces program is designed to help kids feel confident about their metal braces. The program not only gives kids and teens control over their treatment and appearance but also lets them alternate between colors often.
If kids prefer natural-looking colors or bands that are less noticeable, they can choose:

• Tooth-Colored
• Silver
• White

But one of the benefits of Color Me Braces is that kids can also choose bright and coordinated colors to match trends, such as neon and metallic. You can also alternate colors to create a pattern or theme. This personalizes their orthodontic regimen and gives them the opportunity to be themselves.

Our goal is to make orthodontics fun and fitting for important moments, including:

Prom: Choose colors to match with your ensemble so you are completely coordinated with your dress or your date.

School and Team Spirit: Pick colors that showcase your school pride or themed week.

National Sports Team and Superheroes:
 Kids can also pick colors that match the themes associated with their favorite football or baseball teams or even the same uniform colors as their favorite comic book heroes.

While visiting the dental office for routine check-ups can be a chore, it’s more exciting to know you’ll leave with a new look to your braces each time. Braces are a rite of passage for many kids and are widely accepted, but for kids that need help feeling confident about their appearances or who simply want something that looks different from everyone else, Color Me Braces provides a solution.

Learn More about Customizable Braces!

Green Dental & Orthodontics’ mission is to help our young patients feel self-assured when showing off their smiles, even during orthodontic work. If you have any questions regarding our Color Me Braces program, contact our Sherman Oaks dental practice today!

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