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Preparing your child for dental braces

Assuming you are considering braces for your child, there are several things to take into account.

Such as, how will brace feel? They could be uncomfortable at first, but ultimately shouldn’t be painful.

Or, can your child still eat their favorite foods? Yes, but they might have to avoid sticky or hard foods.

Or perhaps, what will friends say? Some may be supportive, while others might make fun of them.

In this blog post, we have shared some helpful information that you must know if they are going through a dental bracing procedure.

#1 The decision of braces

It’s important to talk to your child about braces and the process of getting them.

The thought of getting braces can be daunting for both kids and parents.

It’s important to do your research and have an open dialogue with your child about the pros and cons of braces. 

Ultimately, the decision should be made by your child, but as their parent, you can help guide them in making an informed choice.

#2 Maintain a soft diet

As your child begins to settle into life with braces, they may find that certain foods are more difficult to chew.

To make this transition period easier, stock up on softer foods such as rice, pasta, ice cream, yogurt, and mashed potato. 

Liquid meals like a soup can also be helpful. With a little time and patience, your child will adjust to their new diet and be able to enjoy all their favorite foods again.

#3 Stock orthodontic wax

If your child is finding it difficult to adjust to braces, orthodontic wax can help ease their discomfort.

Also known as ‘braces wax‘ or ‘dental wax‘, this substance is easy to use and can barricade brackets that may be causing mouth sores or irritation.

To apply, roll the wax in your hands until softened then press it onto the bracket giving your child relief.

Your child’s dentist will explain more about this after the bracing procedure is done.

#4 Counsel

Children can feel self-conscious and embarrassed when they have to wear braces, especially if it seems like it will take forever.

It’s important to remind them gently that wearing braces is only temporary and that the end result will be worth it. 

Explain that braces are meant to be a permanent fix, not a quick one. Let them know that eventually, they will have straight teeth and a confident smile.

#5 Make the process easier

Introducing braces to your child can be a tough time for both of you. However, following these tips will make it much easier on them- and you!

First and foremost, get them the proper tools for cleaning their teeth and braces. There are many options available that will make life much easier for your child and help keep their smile looking great!

Secondly, try to find foods that they can easily eat without breaking any rules. This may seem difficult at first, but there are many recipes and meal ideas online specifically designed for those with braces.

Finally, remember that this is only temporary! In no time, your child will have their beautiful smile back- good as new.

#6 New cleaning habits

It can be difficult to keep up with dental hygiene when you have braces. You might find that your child starts to slack off on their brushing habits because of the extra work required to clean around the brackets and wires.

In order to keep all areas clean, special brushes may be needed which can take up more time. With such a boring routine, it is easy for kids to abandon good habits in favor of more sleep.

Help them make dental care part of their daily routine by encouraging and supporting them.

Do you need dental braces for your child? Consult a dentist near you now!

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