In-House Dental Plan

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Our dental team combines the most advanced technologies to create the smile you deserve. Our state of the art dental offices offer you comprehensive dentistry all in one convenient location

We welcome you to become a member of our dental family now and for years to come



2X Individuals

$79/ YEAR

Family Plan

$109/YEAR Up to 4 family members, additional members add $45/member

Diagnostics & Preventative

Comprehensive Oral Exam
No Charge
Emergency Exam
No Charge
Digital X-Ray (Full Mouth)
No Charge
X-Ray - Periapical 1st
No Charge
X-Ray - Periapical Additional
No Charge
No Charge
CT Scan
Prophylaxis Adult (Cleaning & Polishing)
Prophylaxis Children (Cleaning & Polishing)
Topical Chloride Treatment 


Restorative Dentistry - Fillings (white)

Fillings for 1x surface
Fillings for 2x surface
Fillings for 3x surface

Crowns & Bridges

Ceramic Full Porcelain (Lava) 
Porcelain Fused to High Noble Metal
Porcelain Fused to Base Metal

Cosmetic Dentistry

Porcelain Veneers
Teeth Whitening (1x hour in-office)
Teeth Whitening (in-home kit)
Replace Mercury Filling (1x Surface)

Dental Implant

Implant Placement
Implant Crown
Implant Tooth Replacement Package

Orthodontic Treatment & Braces

Comprehensive (Adult or Child)
Limited (Adult or Child)
Invisalign Full
Invisalign Express


Impaction, Soft Tissue
Impaction, Partial Boney
Impaction, Full Boney

Periodontics (Gum Treatment)

Periodontal Scaling/quad
Laser Gum Treatment/quad
Irrigation Antibacterial/quad
Night Guard


Root Canal - Single
Root Canal - Two Roots
Root Canal - Three or More
Open & Med (Pulpotomy)


Complete Denture (Upper & Lower)
Partial Denture Cast (Upper or Lower)
Partial Denture Valplast (Upper or Lower)
Partial Denture Acrylic (Upper or Lower)
Stay Plate (Flipper)
Reline (Lab Process)
Reline (Chairside)


Oral Sedation (Happy Pill) w/treatment

No Charge

Oral Sedation (Sleeping Pill) w/treatment

No Charge

Nitrus Oxide (Laughing Gas)


IV (Performed only by Oral Surgeon)


Health Advantage Dental Plan Application

Eligible Dependents
Full name: Gender: MaleFemale
D.O.B. day:
Full name: Gender: MaleFemale
D.O.B. day:
Full name: Gender: MaleFemale
D.O.B. day:
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