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Tooth decay isn’t only painful, it can also be dangerous. Every day, people have their teeth extracted and undergo restorative treatments because they are too damaged to be saved. Diagnodent® is a safe and accurate fluorescent laser that detects hidden tooth decay and can find it in its earliest stages. 

All dentists are advocates for healthy teeth, which is why they often use restoration devices like crowns and bridges. This allows the natural tooth to remain in the mouth while still being protected.

Diagnodent® is an innovative product that accurately exposes areas of tooth decay without scratching, probing, or “opening up the tooth”. By using this tool, it is easier to identify, treat, and retain natural teeth without the need for costly restorations.

How can Diagnodent® help me?

Diagnodent®: the revolutionary diagnostic tool that is over 90% accurate. Diagnodent® exposes more caries than X-rays and examinations, which means the dentists can identify lesions before they go underground. Fluoridation can lead to lesions becoming invisible to the naked eye, and Diagnodent® can help change that. More treatment options are possible because of Diagnodent®, so the patients have many more options in the future.

Here are some of the other benefits associated with Diagnodent®
  • Diagnodent® allows dentists to perform treatment with greater confidence.
  • Allows for the investigation of suspicious areas.
  • Diagnodent® Completely safe.
  • It’s cost effective.
  • Empirically measurable results.
  • Helps reduce future dental procedures.
  • More accurate than any other diagnostic tool.
  • No exposure to X-rays.
  • No need for invasive investigations.
  • Diagnodent® doesn’t cause pain or scratching.
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What does the Diagnodent® process involve?

The Diagnodent® process is as simple as aiming a laser pointer at teeth. It occurs within the scope of a regular dental checkup, similarly to how a dentist might clean or polish someone’s teeth.

Diagnodent is a hi-tech scanner that measures tooth structure and then calibrates the device with a laser beam. As soon as the tool is calibrated, it can provide information about tooth surfaces and then detect early signs of oral cancer, tooth decay, and pre-cancerous lesions.

The Diagnodent® System is actually measuring the amount of laser fluorescence within the tooth. As each tooth is scanned, the amount of reflected laser light is recorded to produce a digital readout. If the tooth contains little or no decay, little or no laser light will be reflected back to the instrument. 

However, if a tooth contains caries of any significance, more laser light is reflected back. High readings (compared to the tooth originally scanned) indicate that caries are present within the structure of a particular tooth. The amount of laser light reflected back correlates with the amount of decay within the tooth.

Once we determine which teeth are suffering from decay, a plan can be formulated and treatment options can be discussed. In most cases, the early detection of caries means more treatment options and a greater chance of saving the affected tooth.

If you have any questions about Diagnodent®, please contact our office.

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