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7 Food Strategies to Strengthen Teeth and Gums
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Strengthen Teeth

Healthy eating will optimize physical, emotional and oral health. It’s just as important to eat for teeth as it is for the rest of the body.  There are researchers who stand their ground towards one type of diet over another. With every passing fad, balance tends to stand on the highest platform. Incorporate a healthy diet with daily brushing and flossing routine optimum oral health.

Implement a diet for healthy teeth

Strengthen TeethThe following is a list of best tooth diet practices and beneficial factors to optimize teeth and gum health.

1. Water – No surprise here.  Drinking water throughout the day helps to maintain oral moisture levels and washes away food particles that would otherwise settle at the gum line. Fluoridated water optimizes water benefits.

2. Cheese – Besides the calcium benefits that cheese provides, it also helps to balance the pH levels in the mouth.  It will increase saliva production and prevent bad bacteria from attacking teeth and gums. Low sugar dairy products do not contain acid and provide teeth with essential calcium for stronger teeth and bones.

3. Protein from meats like beef, chicken, turkey and eggs are an excellent source of phosphorous. Mixed with a diet rich in calcium, minerals are redeposited into tooth enamel to counteract negative effects of acid consumption.  Floss meat particles out from in between teeth to help prevent gum disease.

4. Acidic foods are often filled with Vitamin C (nourishes gums) but eats away at the tooth. Make sure acidic foods like citrus and tomatoes are part of a larger meal to limit mineral deficits. Keep up with a healthy brushing routine!

5. Crunch away at firm raw juicy fruits and vegetables to obtain optimum vitamins, dilute natural sugars and help promote the flow of saliva to beat off bad bacteria growth.  Onions get a bad rap for causing bad breath, but they contain anti-bacterial sulfur compounds that kill harmful bacteria.  Find a counteractive ingredient that will help tame the halitosis (bad breath).

6. Nuts, especially sesame seeds (rich in calcium) work great to help dissolve plaque and build tooth enamel.

7. Green tea – It contains natural antioxidants that prevent plaque build-up to fight cavities and halitosis. Balance green tea consumption with healthy brushing routine to avoid tea’s negative staining effects.

Battle the less than healthy food and drink choices throughout the day

Like any good diet, temptations can appear at any time to steer food and drink options towards the not so healthy side. Sugar feeds bad bacteria to promote cavities and halitosis. Hard candies and mints (including cough drops) that linger in the mouth keep sugar prominent over a period of time. Drinking sugary or acidic drinks throughout the day are also bad habits for teeth and gum health. Constant sugar exposure (even in small doses) through food and/or drink must have increased dental hygiene routines to curb the weakening of teeth and gums.

Green Dental & Orthodontics fights unhealthy teeth and gums with proactive education. The more people understand how a daily diet affects oral health, the less dental restoration treatment is required. Routine dental check-ups are a major part of oral maintenance and prevention. Maintain a good oral hygiene regimen each day and eat/drink a balanced diet for strong teeth and gums.

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