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Healthy Gums Are the Foundation of Your Mouth

Periodontal disease creates a silent attack against your teeth and gums. Four out of five people who have it never know they do until the dental problem creates continuous discomfort. Our Sherman Oaks dentists are highly trained at recognizing and controlling gum disease. To ensure you are not one of many people unknowingly suffer from gum disease; we recommend routine exams to catch dental problems before more extensive damage occurs.

Periodontal disease begins at the gum line and spreads over time. Early detection, good oral hygiene, a balanced diet and regular dental visits all factor into the fight against prevention and reversal opportunities of periodontal disease. Signs and symptoms that signal oncoming periodontal disease:

• Bleeding gums
• Loose adult teeth
• Increased spacing between teeth
• Ongoing breath odors
• Pus located gums and teeth
• Red swollen gums
• Gum discomfort or tenderness

The most common form of gum disease we see our Sherman Oaks patients come in with is Gingivitis. Gingivitis is often reversible when found during its earliest stages. When you notice any symptom or combination of those listed above, it is time to seek out periodontic treatment. If left alone, pockets will develop under the gum line in between your teeth creating a breeding ground for bacteria and the promotion of bone loss.

People living in the Sherman Oaks area have the benefit of Green Dental expert services. Our professional staff is equipped to make a happy dental home for you. Patients are treated as guests directly from the initial phone call. The office staff encourages routine visits in order to monitor the health of patient’s teeth and gums. The earlier periodontal disease or tooth decay is caught the easier it is to avoid potential complex problems. Hinder the breakdown of bone and potential tooth loss with preventative routine dental care.

Let us provide your entire periodontal maintenance and dental hygiene care. Call for a Sherman Oaks periodontal checkup today.

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