Dr. Amir Dehghan

About Me

Dr. Amir Dehghan

Dr. Amir with over 14 years of experience in practicing orthodontics and general dentistry. Provided comprehensive dental treatments including orthodontics, pediatrics and cosmetic dentistry in private and corporate practices. He is excellent in establishing a friendly environment and great interaction with staff, employees, and patients. Being an orthodontist means more than just straightening teeth to Dr. Amir. He will create a treatment plan specific to your needs and desires. He wants you to achieve the beautiful, healthy smile you and your children deserve.

Education and Experience

  • Certification in Orthodontics – University of Colorado Denver

  • Master of Science in Dental Medicine – University of Colorado Denver

  • Doctor of Dental Surgery – University of California Los Angeles

  • Certificate in Advanced Implantology – University of California Los Angeles

Alumni :