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Dr. Cohen DDS

Dr. Cohen DDS Periodontist About Me Dr. Cohen is a diligently hard working periodontist performing state of the art periodontal, laser, dental implantology, gum grafting including Pinhole procedures Education and Continuing Education: UCLA Professional Affiliations Alumni Make An Appointment Today! New Patient Registration

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Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments Understand Teeth, Their Conditions and Treatment- 17 – Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments Achieving the perfect smile is an enticing prospect. Fortunately, this is made possible through the art of cosmetic dentistry. This form of dental care focuses on improving the appearance of your smile by making alterations to your mouth and teeth. In essence, a cosmetic…

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Coronavirus How To Keep Safe Spot Warning Signs and What To Do if You Suspect You Might Be Infected 2

COVID19 Spot warning signs and What to do Coronavirus is all over the news lately, but it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction as you listen to commentators and read articles online. While knowledge is certainly power, you must have the truth if you hope to stay safe from this dangerous virus while also keeping family, friends and…

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Yes we are OPEN

Yes we are OPEN Yes we are OPEN with an abundance of caution to ensure you and your loved ones safety as well as of our dedicated staff during these challenging times! We are using all precautionary measures such as Patient Screening and implementing Strict Sterilization and disinfecting procedures throughout our facilities. Please feel free to contact us directly for more detailed information.…

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