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Today’s Dental Humor

“We fear no mouth!” A funny picture can lead to a great smile. We hope this lightens your day and brings a beautiful smile to your face.

A shout out and thank you for the awesome review!

Hello my name is Suren and I was wanting to share this story of when I went to a good dentist.  Hopefully my story will help recommend other good people who are in need of a good doctor. You are truly the best dentist to go to. From our cleanings to fillings to bonding ,…
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Patient Testimonial from Weston Cage

If there was a way to give infinite stars I would. The professionalism of Green Dental & Orthodontics is unparalleled and the dentistry itself is beyond the highest level.

What Should I Know About Dental Insurance?

The benefits of having dental insurance have been proven to reduce ER visits, emergency extractions, and dentures. The American Dental Association (ADA) has linked 125 medical conditions that are influenced by dental care. Oral hygiene affects disease such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, and heart disease. Preventative care is the primary purpose of dental insurance. Preventative…
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Correlation between dental hygiene and the flu

Influenza And Oral Health: Is There A Relationship?

Is There A Relationship? Poor oral cleanliness can increase your chances of becoming sick.

Dentist office in Sherman Oaks

Eugene Grant-Sinclair – Green Dental & Orthodontics

About Me Eugene Grant-Sinclair BS, HHeX International Trade – Eugene specialize in PSEM/SEO, HTML Development and IT. He handles our computer systems and digital marketing. Eugene is an experienced digital marketer with success on multiple continents.  He is conscientious and strives to help our client find the information they need about us and our services…
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Dentist office in Sherman Oaks

Jessica – Dental Assistant – Green Dental & Orthodontics

About Me Jess  Dental Assistant Jessica has worked in the dental industry for 7 years , she  worked with kids pedo, she’s passionate about what she does has an awesome personality and loves helping others. Her hobbies are playing soccer and hiking with her dog. Jessica also plans to go back to school to do…
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Dentist office in Sherman Oaks

Omar – Office Manager – Green Dental & Orthodontics

About Me Omar – Office Manager Omar is a industry top notch lead assistant versed in all aspects of consultation, and assistance to dental professionals. He has worked in the dental industry for over 16 years and has worked in multi-specialty dentistry with outstanding performance and customer satisfaction Mission College – General studies Simi-Valley College…
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Dentist office in Sherman Oaks

Kriselle – Dental Assistant – Green Dental & Orthodontics

About Me Kriselle Kriselle goes by Kris and is a dedicated Dental Assistant. She began being interested in dental profession when she got her braces. She found it interesting and she decided to enroll school to become a Dental Assistant. Kris is was an excellent student getting straight A’s in her classes.   Alumni : 

Amanda – Director of Operations – Green Dental & Orthodontics

About Me Mrs. Amanda Amanda is a graduate of Pepperdine University majoring in Business Law. Education and Experience Alumni :  Pepperdine University Law